2 mins

1 Simple Trick to Deal with Pain That Nobody Tells You

The next time you are in pain, give yourself 5 minutes. Scream. Cry. Do whatever you want. Then stop at the 5 minute mark. And start turning that negative energy into actions. Some days, we are sad. Another day, we get mad. Other days, we feel jealous. Then there are times we miss someone. There ...

6 mins

Why I Stopped Helping People And You Should Too

My mother taught me never to give unsolicited advice, nor try to help anyone unless they ask you for it. I always thought that maybe she was just cold. As I get older, I have started to realize that she was right. My mother is one of the kindest people in my life. Society always ...

4 mins

Why Just Being Positive Is Bad

  I guess through your life, many people have told you to be positive. Today I will tell you why you should not be too positive.