5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Buying Gifts And Start Giving Cash

red envelope - giving cash instead of present

Yesterday, Alicia and I sat down and planned our birthday party next year. We decided to put NO GIFTS, CASH ONLY on our invitations . We are Asian [ I am not lying, even one of us looks mixed, and the other looks Hawaiian].  Asians give cash for all kind of things from weddings, birthdays, store openings to funerals. Many of you might think it is a lazy and crazy idea, but just hold on and let me explain why you should do the same this holiday season.



A Community Is A Brand, Without A Community There Is No Brand

Yesterday, I had a great meetup with John Krissilas, CEO, Co-founder of TransitHub [@TransitHubTO], a new location-based startup in Toronto. TransitHub is a community for transit riders to connect, share and discover the hidden gems around transit stations and stops. It is an interesting idea. I lived in Vaughan and now in North York. I might know the best place to get bubble tea on highway 7 but  clueless about downtown Toronto. This app would be perfect. But more than just a cool app, our conversation was about the relationship between a community and a brand.

A community is a brand, without a community there is no brand. [Tweet This]