Just had an interesting chat with my colleague about names. It reminds me of so many stories.

A long time ago, I met a charming smart single father with a last name starts with an “I‘. Let’s call him the Miner because he owns a mining company, I loved it because if I marry The Miner, my initials would be my first name “MI”*. Obviously It never happened because I am still single, The Miner chased after his career and moved to Asia before he left he asked me:

The Miner: What do you think about living in Asia?
Me: I would rather being a pauper here than the queen of gold in Asia. Nobody loves me there, there’s too much drama and too much acting. Remember when I read your Eastern Astrology and it said you are going to have 3 wives? Maybe one day I will be your last, if it is meant to be, destiny will bring us back together.
The Miner: Goodbye Mimilicious ( Now you know where my brand came from)

I never spoke to him again after that day. I knew most likely I would never meet another guy with a last name that starts with an “i”. Goodbye awesome monogram

Then I met a Russian millionaire who adored me, however it ended before it even started. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t remember his last name. If I had married the Russian, I wouldn’t have been able to spell my last name. Maybe because I never returned his love that is why I couldn’t remember it. If you ever want to check if I like you, ask me to spell your name, if I can’t, I haven’t searched for your name enough; and it usually means I don’t like you.

Another time, I met a Hugh Grant look-a-like, he was a banker. He dressed very well, looked amazing but anytime I spoke to him, it hurt! He is one of the most boring guys I have ever met. Do you know how hard it is to avoid someone with a pretty face even if he is boring? Luckily for me, his last name is Kirby. Yes, it is the cute chubby pink ball from the Nintendo family. I like to call people by their last name. Whenever I talked to him, I thought about the cute pink ball guy and laugh. He thought it was funny, I knew I will never be able to take this guy seriously. I would never want to become Mrs Kirby. #worstnamever I had no other choice other than to let my Hugh Grant fantasies go. It was never meant to be.

At this point I realized I am better off keeping my name. Maybe I will pull a Hilary Clinton, “If you become governor, I will change my last name.” This way I can make sure my future husband won’t stop plotting his plan to take over the world. I have a thing for men with big dreams. Dream big and fail is better than not to try at all. Show me that you will take over the world and I will be yours.

When I thought my problems with names would end, my sister asked what I am going to name my children. I listed a long list of unique names. Why would I give my children popular names if I can give them them one that nobody has? Buying domain will be a piece of cake, my sister thought I was crazy, she asked:

Monster: What if your husband doesn’t like it?
Me: If he wants the kids to have his last name, the first names are mine. If he wants to name them, kids will have my last name. 50/50, it is fair.
Monster: Nobody who is normal would ever marry you.
Me: I would never marry anyone who is normal.
Monster: What if your children hate their names because nobody knows how to spell them?
Me: I will tell them to be so good so everyone will have to learn how to spell your name. (tweet this)

Some names are beautiful, some names are impossible to spell, some names are funny and others can be crazy. Maybe in the short run, some names will be better than others, however at the end of the day, they are just letters. We all need to add the meaning to them.

Your name was given, but you have to power to attach any meaning to it. (tweet this)
Learn to love yourself and make the best out of what you already have. (tweet this)

Take over the world with your knowledge and talent, even the ugliest name will become pretty. (tweet this)

The power is in your hands.

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CamMi Pham (@cammipham) is a digital marketer by day, blogger by night She is a vintage-a-holic, tea drinker and shoe lover.
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CamMi Pham (@cammipham) is a digital marketer by day, blogger by night She is a vintage-a-holic, tea drinker and shoe lover.