Modern Fairy Tale: A Story For Every Intern

Modern Fairy Tale: A Story For Every Intern

I had a quick chat with my dear friend, Thien Le [@thien_le], about interns today. I told him a story about a famous singer who followed her dream. Her name is Sang A Im-Propp.

Many years ago, Sang A was a successful singer and actress in the Korean entertainment industry. By the age of 26, Sang A was one of Korea’s most promising celebrities. On a business trip to New York, the pop star realized that her true love is fashion and enrolled at Parsons. Not long after that, the “Gwen Stefani” of South Korea found her real life version of “The Devil Wears Prada”. Sang A got an internship with Victoria Bartlett, a noted stylist and designer. The diva had to run around the city to get Ms Barlett’s favorite cupcakes in New York’s cold winter. Most people would quit after the cupcake runs, but the Korean diva did not leave the spotlight to be a quitter. She lived up to Ms. Bartlett’s expectations, worked hard and gained a lot of fashion experience in the end. Ms. Bartlett introduced her to the glamorous world of design and helped her start her first collection of handbags. SANG A collection has been successful since it launched in 2006. She’s become a hit on the red carpet with celebrities such as Blake Lively, Rihanna, Kerry Washington and Freida Pinto who love her quirky take on the evening clutch

Even a diva had to start from the bottom.  Nobody wants to be an intern but there is not room for everyone to be the boss. If life was easy, everyone would be successful. Every successful person had to pay a price at some point. He has to feel the pain in order to feel his success.

Life is only a fairy tale if hard work is your fairy godmother. 

Hard work is the best way to learn and reach success. If you don’t want to feel the pain, you might have to experience it at a later point in life and it won’t be easier.  Of course, there are good internship and  bad one. It does not matter which one you have, at the end of the day you will learn something, a life lesson.

It is your turn. Tell me about an internship that you had and what did you learned from it.

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